Wood Plastics Composite (WPC)

FAB / Wood Plastic Composite(WPC), as known worldwide is a relatively new product produced by extrusion technology. It uses recycled plastic materials of HDPE grade, wood fibre wastes in the proportion varying 35:65, processed under high temperature and pressure. WPC is a completely nature friendly product saving the cutting of trees.

The Important characteristics of WPC are High Srength, Dimensional Stability, Lower linear change in different temperatures, Water, Termite, Corrosion, Abrasion, Distortion Resistance.

The main features of WPC:

  • It is recyclable
  • It is absolutely maintenance-free and hence no expence on maintenance account - cost saved!
  • Painting can be done on your option
  • Coating can be done as per your option
  • Its natural appearance like wood gives it the added advantage of being used in all places even where wood is unheard of. For example, avenues such as exterior cladding of building, near river beds, hill tops, etc.

Other advantages include:

  • Flexibility in design.
  • Light weight
  • Natural look
  • High strength
  • Low costs
  • Acoustic advantages
  • Insulation properties
WPC Decking MPL 25 150x25WPC External MPL 50 152x12WPC External MPL 75 140x15
WPC Fencing MPL 100 72x12WPC Tiles MPL 125 300x300WPC Internal MPL 150 100x15
WPC Internal MPL 175 190x12WPC Square Corners MPL 200 50x50WPC Pergola MPL 225 120x120
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