FAB Houses

Containers houses are designed using Mild Steel giving it the necessary strength to withstand all weather conditions. The walls are made up of EPS sandwich panels providing strength, durability, heat insulation, proper ventilation, noise reduction. Mainly used in construction sites for multipurpose uses.

Our containers are so well designed that you can even dismantle and assemble if need be in a matter of hours. Just in case you find the trailer transport unviable. of course all the electrical provisions in that case needs to be handled diligently.

Advantages of Container House or Prefab House

  • It's the future of better living.
  • Structure is reliable, waterproof, strong, insulated, shock resistance.
  • Dismantling and assembling it, is very convenient.
  • These are supplied in completely dismantled form and erected at actual site using simple nut-bolt.
  • NO heavy foundation required. Just simple surface area is enough.
  • Reusable any number of times. Hence no wastage. In a normal use, we can look at least 5-7 re uses which should easily last 10-12 years. And then again only the required physical damaged area, if any, needs to be changed. Totally reusable and recyclable. Environmental friendly.
  • Comfortable for living with proper ventilation and no fear of storm or rain to cause inconvenience and damage again and again. No infection. No dampness. No termites.
  • Safer
  • Durable
  • Energy saving as it is well insulated from all sides. Thereby giving better feel inside in turn increasing the efficiency of people living in them
  • Faster construction. In a matter of just days we can assemble them at your site. Just an example, a 1000 square ft prefab house assembling will not take more than 3 days with 10 labourers to install. We will provide you the option of assembling and dismantling yourself too. That way no dependency on any external agency tomorrow.
  • Flexible size
  • Can be used for temporary worker shed, storage yard at sites, engineers rest area, recreation room, canteen, meeting area for PMC, factory workers, workshops, project office, rooftops
  • Sound insulation for a sound sleep even at the noisy sites.
  • Easy to load and delivery.

Applications of FAB Houses :

  • 1-Bedroom, living Area, dining, kitchen and toilet.
  • Dormitory
  • 1-Bedroom
  • Office set up with work station
  • Bunker beds + 1BHK
  • Canteen area / Meeting rooms with partition
  • Group discussion room for workers
  • Motel Set-up

There can be many more applications for FAB House based on the customer requirement, like

  • Can be used for temporary worker shed
  • Storage yard at sites
  • Engineers rest area
  • Recreation Room
  • Meeting area of PMC
  • Factory Workers
  • Workshops
  • Project office & rooftop